Reclaiming Civic Space

Increasing civil society’s resilience to attacks by building solidarity and incubating new forms of organization

Why Vuka?

Just over two percent of people live in countries where space for civic activism - or civic space - is truly open

While civil society organizations and movements have effectively documented the global crackdown on civic freedoms, there is a pressing need to increase solidarity across diverse civil society sectors and harmonise strategies to reclaim civic space. The Vuka! Coalition has emerged in response to the growing consensus that civil society needs greater coordination of efforts and to develop new forms of organising to fight back against the closing of civic space.

Our Mission

Vuka! has come together to help secure crucial short and long terms victories to regain civic space and incubate new forms of resistance and organization.


To fulfill its mission, Vuka! seeks to coordinate civil society responses to reclaim civic space and mobilize diverse civil society sectors through:

Increasing the effectiveness of citizen and civil society responses to the global crackdown on civic space through information sharing, coordination and joint action.


Increasing civil society’s resilience to attacks and threats by building solidarity across the sector.


Identifying, developing, and incubating creative approaches to human rights advocacy, new forms of resistance and organization.

Our structure

The governing structure of the coalition consists of a 19-member Civil Society Steering Group which provides strategic guidance and oversight to Vuka! and 6 thematic actions teams.

6 Action Teams
Counter Narratives
Rapid Response
Thematic Initiatives
Strategic Litigation

Our Allies

Vuka! is composed of a diverse spectrum of over 220 international, regional and national civil society organisations, including women’s groups, social movements, labour organisers, humanitarian and development groups and others.

Join the movement!

If you are interested in joining forces to reclaim civic space, become a Vuka! Ally, please contact us directly using the information below.

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