Get Involved - support embattled activists and civil society organisations

Become an Ally

Vuka! Allies are diverse and span a wide range of issues, organisation types and sizes. As Allies, we transcend thematic, geographic and sectoral divides and find unity and solidarity in the Coalition’s common purpose. Any entity which desires to become a Vuka! Ally must meet the following conditions:

Be a member, representative or staff of a legitimate foundation, civil society organisation, national CSO platform or network, or social movement.

Organise, support, speak up, champion or advocate for citizen participation and civil society in a country, region, or globally.

Abide by and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Join a thematic Action Team

Vuka! is composed of 6 Action Teams where coordination and harmonisation of civil society action is leveraged to augment the global movement to defend civic space. All Vuka Allies are encouraged to one or more of the following Action Teams: 1) Counter Narratives; 2) Rapid Response; 3) Catalytic Initiatives; 4) Technology; 5) Research; and 6) Strategic Litigation

Support and request solidarity

Upon approval for the relevant Action Team, Vuka! will seek to leverage its membership to support the dissemination of public campaigns and help identify Allies in the coalition who can provide targeted campaigning, research, tech and or legal support.

Share information and resources securely with other members of the coalition

The Vuka! Better Coordination Platform and our secure email list allow Allies to share information and resources securely. If you would like to highlight your work with the network you can share information with the Vuka! Secretariat to be included in the weekly digest.

Access to emergency rooms

Emergency rooms provide a new tool for Vuka! Allies to coordinate targeted lists of stakeholders to engage when responding to rapidly emerging threats to civic space. The emergency rooms enable civil society to generate and access databases of key stakeholders to respond to acute and emerging civic space issues. Here you can find a brief video explaining this functionality.

Access to incident rooms

The collaborative document platform provides a secure and user-friendly space for civil society groups to build campaigns and strategies to jointly respond to requests for solidarity and collaborative civil society efforts. The real-time chat function allows civil society to easily and securely dialogue around pressing civic space issues and share information and insights about timely responses.